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 direct link • Aug 12 2017, 04:01 pm
28 years
ASHLEY • she/her • 1880 posts

Hello my darlings!

It's hard to believe that ACTA is coming up on it's two year anniversary.
ACTA is the first real RP home I made for myself after a four year break from the writing - one that was largely taken as a result of my need to focus on school.
However after I defended my MA thesis in June 2015 I knew I wanted to get back to writing - I attempted to join a few sites that turned out to be flops, and then in early September I met Lumen and joined the originally founding team -
we virtually opened our doors on September 21.

As many of you know, after two years I'm continuing my academic journey - I begin classes for my PhD in about a week (YIKES). Initially I had hoped that I might be able to keep things up to their previous standard, but more and more I'm debating whether or not I can be successful in that endeavor. Two of the original three founders are now long gone, and the first three admin Lumen and I added to our staff have now moved on for RL reasons as well (though we appreciate the return of one to play an important character!). Niki and Nat and Riku have been a tremendous help to me in the last few months to a year, but It takes more than just upkeep to move a site forward.

That said, I want you all to know that I do not wish to close ACTA. We've become a little family, and there are still so many plots and storylines that are unfinished. I would hate to turn you all out into the cold just because my time commitment isn't what I would like. However, I also know that if ACTA continues to exist in the same vein as in the past - my schoolwork will suffer. Reflecting on my experiences teaching last spring, I know that I did not give that course my all because there were days that I would rather be on site. While I know my students still got a lot out of it, I can't continue to make that sacrifice. Not when it comes to academia and my career moving forward. I love ACTA and all of you so much, but just as I tell everyone of you - Real life has to come first, and I am going to have to force myself to abide by that line of thinking.

Thus, after a few tough skype (and face-to-face, b/c fuck yea in the same city now) convos with Niki we have decided that the best course of action is to privatize the site. We will no longer be advertising on resource sites, and hope you will cease to do so as well. if you have a good friend from elsewhere that you would like to invite that is fine, we understand, and we will accept new folks if someone is vouching for them. We'll also be switching to a more character driven plot. One of my biggest stressors is helping manage plots that will work for everyone - and coming up with exciting events to knock everyone's socks off.

So what does this mean for you the members? For one, there will no longer be activity checks. you are free to post at your leisure. There will also no longer be a cap on how many characters you can make (including canons). If you want to fill each others canons to play out storylines yet untouched, feel free to do so. Some of you may have characters with less to do now that we aren't accepting new folks, so feel free to switch them out. We will still have at least one staff member look over new "apps" just to ensure everything necessary is included/that the char is fully fleshed out. Even though we no longer have a cap, we hope you'll be courteous of others who are hanging around and may be interested in playing canons (ie one person playing every king is not ideal). but for the most part we aren't going to dictate what you do. We also aren't going to have set moon changes any longer. If you want to stick to the past or play a little bit ahead, feel free to do so.

That said, we WILL still have a tourney for our anniversary, so if your character plans on attending that please keep that in mind. We do still ask that you abide by travel times if you're traveling, and even though we are going a bit lax on moon changes we are going to have a set year in place (starting with 300, which we're about to enter now). We've entertained the notion of a time jump once we're ready/if we decide to open things up again, so we'd like to keep that possibility open.

We understand that a private/character driven site may not be everyone's cup of tea, particularly the newer members who thought they were joining a GoT powerhouse RP. If this decision means that it is time for you to take your leave from ACTA, there will certainly be no hard feelings. If/when we choose to reopen to the public you'll be welcomed back with open arms.

I love you all dearly and feel so honored to have had so many of you make ACTA your RP home for the last 1-2 years. You're all so fab and whether you stay or go I wish you each the best. <3
 direct link • Aug 18 2017, 10:35 am
High Princess of Westeros
Daena the Defiant
House Targaryen
18 years
Lena • She/Her • 543 posts

I guess just so I know for when I go to do posts and things - who all is staying on ACTA despite the privatization?
 direct link • Aug 19 2017, 10:22 am
High Queen of Westeros
the southern swan
Sworn to the Seven Kingdoms
38 years
alma • she/her • 269 posts

Moi. I'll go down with this damn ship.
 direct link • Aug 21 2017, 02:59 am
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user posted image
 direct link • Aug 26 2017, 05:02 am
30 years
STEPH • she/her • 99 posts

 direct link • Aug 28 2017, 02:32 pm
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Still here, though I've been slow with new Master's I'm actually pretty happy for this, all in all.
 direct link • Aug 29 2017, 05:44 pm
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By the seven I'm still here!
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