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 direct link • Apr 08 2016, 03:12 am
Him of Many Faces
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Magic is a supernatural force in the Known World. Magic, occasionally referred to as "the higher mysteries" is a powerful but little understood force in the world. In Westeros it is believed, particularly by Maesters of the Citadel, the consigned source of multi-national validity, that magic, if it ever existed, is now gone from the world. Westeros is the seat of the New World, they determine the crux of civilization. While each continent holds their own individuality, they largely look to Westeros for progression and longevity of modern civilization, and the future of the Andals and the Children of Rhoynar.

In Essos, however, belief in magic is far more prevalent. In lieu of favored legitimacy of the common folk, the children of Essos do not uniformly discredit its existence by default.

If you wish to have a magic user, apply for one! If you want an existing character to have powers, then simply re-apply and mention the hows and the whys. Why do they have this gift? What is this gift? You must be clear. You must also adhere to the rules we've posted below, so read things carefully. Ask yourself: Does this fit my character? We've laid out what these powers are, where they're from, and who the main practitioners are. It must make sense. These applications will be regarded as new and will be subject to rejection.

We will be looking at these with absolute scrutiny. Canons who canonically do not have powers may not reapply.

OC Magic User Allowance

1. Daena Targaryen, skinchanger (Lena)
2. Lilliyan, SkinChanger (Green)
3. Nicolai, Red Priest (Rikuva)
4. Open
5. Open


Alchemists' Guild

male only
Though their knowledge and abilities of the arcane have waned in recent centuries, the guild still perseveres in King’s Landing. Disavowed by the Order of Maesters, who prefer science to the claims of magic, the Alchemist’s Guild is responsible for the invention of wildfire which they refer to as ‘the Substance.’ Members of their organization are colloquially known as pyromancers. Though they boast claims of once being able to produce living creatures made of flame and the ability to transmute metals, the only persisting trait of their guild is their ability to manufacture and handle the highly volatile wildfire.


not playable
Possessing the Greensight does not make one a Greenseer. Being a skinchanger does not mean you will be a Greenseer. One in one thousand Skinchangers are born a Greenseer. Connected to the ancient Children of the Forest, Greenseers are those with a powerful adeptness with the Greensight, in possession of abilities as a Skinchanger and hold power over nature itself. All Greenseers are emboldened and empowered by the Old Gods. Bran Stark is and will be our only Greenseer in play.


crannogmen only
Some Crannogmen are known to have been born with the gift of Greensight, the ability to have prophetic dreams. These dreams are often filled with symbolic meaning, images and metaphors for the practitioner to decipher. They may see these events come to fruition in due time. Some have dreams as other people, though not often. Dreams may be about the dreamer or another person, and the dreamer is able to tell the difference between these dreams.


old gods only
One in one thousand are born a skinchanger. Skinchangers possess the ability to enter the mind of an animal and control its actions. This feat is more easily accomplished if a bond exists between both parties. When within the animal, all interactions and experiences therein will affect both participants. While a human may not die while in the mind of an animal as it is slain, it has driven some to insanity and can be a traumatic experience. Untrained skinchangers can only enter the mind of an animal while asleep and in an existing bond. Wearing a skin for too long - or even at all - may have detrimental effects upon the skinchanger. An effect such as taking on a personality trait. This ability does not come without consequence or sacrifice to the user.

Skinchanging Examples & Consequences

-- Dogs are easy to bond with, because they are so much like humans and trusting; it becomes easier with time to enter one.
-- Wolves are harder; one has to forge a lasting bond, much like a marriage. A man might befriend a wolf, even break a wolf, but no man could truly tame a wolf.
-- Birds are very tempting, but a skinchanger may soon lose contact to the mundane things of earth, and want only to fly. There is a higher risk of suicide among those who skinchange with birds.
-- Cats are cruel and vain beasts and can’t be easily controlled, only forced.
-- Elk and deer are prey; wear their skins too long, and even the bravest man becomes a coward.

Unwritten Moral Code

-- You may not eat the flesh of men.
-- You may not lay with beasts.
-- You may not seize the body of another man.

Witch Isle

not playable
Witch Isle was once home to a reputed sorceress by the name Ursula Upcliffe, Bride of the Merling King. Any magic that once existed died with Ursula when she was murdered by Torgold Tollett.

Woods Witch

old gods & the seven
Wood Witches are rare in the Southern realms of Westeros though many may claim they hold their power for the sake of coin. Those true practitioners who worship the Seven, claim their power from the Mother and the Stranger. When seeking their assistance, buyer beware, as it may be impossible to tell which of the two will be called upon to help you and one may answer in a such a way that displeases. More commonly, Wood Witches are devout followers of the Old Gods and thusly more prevalent in the North and especially beyond the wall. Herbalists, midwives, and sometimes gifted with prophetic divination – Wood Witches are seen as the helpers and practitioners one seeks out when Maesters or the mercy of holy men is denied. Notable Woods Witches have been cited to help women in need of succor with the brewing of moon tea when discretion is paramount or in fear of judgment from the Seven by faithful Septa. Powers such as divination and spells differ for each individual practitioner, and is solely dependent upon their connection to their faith.

- Arya Stark, skin changer ( Riku )
- Borroq, wildling skinchanger
- Belius, wisdom of alchemists' guild
- Bran Stark, greenseer, greensight , skinchanger
- Briar, wildling skinchanger
- Daena Targaryen, dragon, skin changer ( Lena )
- Daenerys Targaryen, dragon ( Green )
- Garigus, wisdom of alchemists' guild
- Grisella, wildling skinchanger
- Haggon, wildling skinchanger
- Jojen Reed, greensight
- Maggy the Frog, maegi
- Morna Whitemask, wildling woods witch
- Mother Mole, wildling woods witch
- Orell, wildling skinchanger
- Patches, prophetic ramblings and strange insight/songs
- Rhaegar Targaryen, dragon ( Ashley)
- Rickon Stark, skinchanger
- Roassart, wisdom of alchemists' guild
- Robb Stark, skin changer ( Green )
- Sansa Stark, skin changer ( Lena)
- The Ghost of High Heart, woods witch
- Three-Eyed Crow, greenseer
- Tobho Mott, spells to rework valyrian steel
- Unknown, wood witch who taught Asha Greyjoy how to brew moon tea
- Varamyr Sixskins, wildling skinchanger


Faceless Men

the many-faced god
A religious society of assassins, the Faceless Men worship the Many-Faced God and possess unique attributes from their personal sacrifice of self and adherence to their distinct sect. The House of Black and White in Braavos attends to the dead, performs religious duties and is a site often dedicated to the ritual suicide of followers who drink from their fountain of poison to receive a painless death as a gift of the Many-Faced God. These individuals, while not all utilized, become the personas the Faceless Men may adopt for their assassins’ purpose. Their masks are not simply glamors or disguises, but the entirety of a person’s identity when worn by No One. The Faceless carry no distinguishable traits and have sacrificed everything they were or ever will be to join the order. Only they can wear the Faces or Masks from the House of Black and White without consequence. Masks stolen or otherwise worn for selfish purpose will strip the wearer of themselves. It will take their memories, their identity, and knowledge of self and leave the unwitting wearer’s face in the House of Black and White – capable of being retrieved, but at great cost and obstacle for a man or woman stripped of all their memories.

For the sake of our play, No One may claim only one face as their routine persona, all other faces or masks worn must be described in play for the sake of fairness and the limited resources of appropriate claims. All Faceless are required to register as the 'name' of their chosen persona. Do not register as 'No One' despite their lack of true identity.

Followers of R'hllor

the lord of light
The most unpredictable of magic, Red Priests and Priestesses are the followers of R'hllor, and they greatly differ from one to another. Some abilities that one has may not be seen in others. Among the most common is fireseeing, or otherwise divination through the use of fire. They may look into the flames and see past or future events, though most oft they are not clear visions and must be deciphered. The reliability of the practitioner's fortune is solely dependent upon their skill and capability to understand their vision. Some abilities may even surprise a follower, as they may use one without fully being aware or intended. Another common ability is cold resistance, a follower being able to stand an arctic-like chill without use of a cloak. The use of flame, such as igniting a sword or casting light, is an ever-growing feat. The more you practice your art of flame manipulation, the greater it becomes, such it is with all things practiced. The more skilled are capable of healing others through the art of fire, though this can be tricky as it involves filling their intended with fire and dangerously manipulating flames. Poison resistance is not common but it is not one that comes with practice. You either have it or don't. Wanna test it? Drink some poison. Thoros of Myr is the only Red Priest known to be able to resurrect individuals.

Maegi / Bloodmage

dark magic from the east
Maegi is the female form and Bloodmage, the male form of our practitioners of blood magic. The use of blood magic empowers the user, but also contorts the physical form of the user. Those who practice blood magic are often identifiable by their crone/hag-like appearance and reviled by the Dothraki while the rest of the world views them as undesirables. Through the use of blood, either in meager amount or by large immolation is determined by the need they desire to fulfill, but there can be no outcome from a bloodmage/maegi without sacrifice.

Mysteries of Asshai

if interested, please contact an admin
1. Aeromancer
2. Spellsinger
3. Stormsinger


the lord of light
Shadowbinders hail from Asshai and are practitioners with the ability to bind shadows to their will. These shadow figures enact the practitioners will via a trance-like state, leaving the Shadowbinder vulnerable during. For the sake of our play, we have decided that any Shadowbinders must be followers of the Lord of Light (such as Melisandre) and take their power through the blessing of R’hllor, the Lord of Light. ‘To touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow’ (Quaithe of the Shadowlands, ASOIAF)

Valyrian Magic

targaryens only
Valyrian magic is rooted in the sole use of blood and fire by those born by the blood of Old Valyria. They are able to handle dragon glass and use it not only as a means of communication with one another, but also to look into the depths a man's mind. Only practitioners may light dragonglass candles, which are said to burn with an uncanny light which is unpleasant to look upon. Those born with the blood of a dragon are able to walk through fire without fear of burning, and are otherwise referred to as a Dragon. Their rituals, influence and communication with dragons are often spoken through the use of Valyrian tongue. Only a chosen few are born as what they call a Dragon.

Warlock / Undying Ones

qarth, house of the undying
The Warlocks of Qarth are notoriously deviant and it is advised to stay away from the demons with blue lips. Their worship and servitude to the Undying Ones is not a clean one and oft requires much of the Warlocks - mainly their humanity. They have a noticeable appearance with their nearly translucent skin and blue lips, acquired from religiously drinking shade of evening. It is said that this is their way of continuously gaining knowledge. Their powers come straight from the House of Undying, which with recent events has become stronger due to the birth of dragons for the first time in centuries. Despite this, Warlocks are not allowed to enter the House of the Undying. They may leave Qarth, though the farther they are from the source of their power, the weaker they will become. They will need temporary accommodations to supplement the power lost and a supply of the shade of evening to satisfy their addiction. It should also be noted that the stronger they become, the more their appearance changes. Sacrifice. The more powerful they become, the closer they become to the Undying. The Undying may not leave the House of the Undying.

No one may play an Undying One. They are no longer human and the source of all Warlocks power.

Water Witch / Wizard

dorne & rhoynish lineage
The magic of a Water Witch or Wizard is a different sorcery compared to the magics used in Valyrian magic. Blood and sacrifice is not needed. Theirs is a rejuvenating magic, albeit it does have it's destructive qualities as seen in the Rhoynar princes who used their uncanny powers to protect their cities from foes. The Rhoynar settled within Dorne following the Rhoynar Wars and their inevitable evacuation of their homelands. While most adapted to their new home, some did not assimilate and still exist today as the Orphans of the Greenblood. They remain true to their ancestors and still practice the age old traditions of the Rhoynar, considering themselves orphaned from their Mother Rhoyne. They live on rafts and drift along the river Greenblood, a principal river within Dorne. It is believed that Water Witches / Wizards used their magics to give birth to rivers and oasis in the otherwise hot and harsh Dornish environment. It is reputed that some still exist today. A person may be a water witch/wizard without being an Orphan of the Greenblood, so long as they have a tie to the Greenblood somewhere within their lineage, be it a parent or a distant relative. Water may be used to see past or future events through the art of scrying. Any form of water may do, and it is not always within the practitioner's control nor are the visions clear and easily interpreted.

- Benerro, high priest of r'hllor (Green)
- Kinvara, high priestess of r'hllor
- Melisandre, red priestess of r'hllor and shadowbinder
- Moqorro, red priest of r'hllor
- Mirri Maz Durr, godswife and maegi
- No One, all faceless
- Pyat Pree, warlock
- Quaithe, shadowbinder
- Thoros of Myr,red priest of r'hllor (NPC)
- Uknown, two warlocks brought to Westeros by Samwell Tarly's father
- Yna, maegi
 direct link • Jun 04 2016, 07:17 pm
Him of Many Faces
valar morghulis
God of Death
deity years
admin • they/them • 207 posts

I've seen a number of references to dragons popping up in threads already, so I wanted to clarify a bit of information regarding their growth. It's difficult to think about timeline when it comes to the show in particular, which is what gives us the best visual for how large they have gotten. For example, THIS is Drogon a season and a half after he was born, but how much time is that? I've done a bit of research and I'm going to lay it out for you all here for future reference.

Dragons can live hundreds of years and never stop growing, so to say they grow quickly is relative to the amount of time they live. According to the show's Wiki, they are the size of a medium dog after about one year, and the size of a pony after two. In the books, Dany was first able to ride Drogon after two years, and he is the largest of the three. Given this information, here is how large our sites dragons will be at certain points in our timeline. Depnding on how quickly we move through our timeline I will continue to update sizes, but this should hold us for now.

Dragon Growth
Mid First Father 299AL: Birth, the size of small cats.
First Maiden 299 AL (6 mo): Nahrethi (black) is the size of a lab, Tyraxes (gold) and Vermithor (green) are slightly smaller.
First Father 300 AL: Nahrethi is the size of a Great Dane, Tyraxes and Vermithor are the size of a lab.
Second Smith 300AL: Nahrethi is large enough to ride, the size of a horse.
Second Father 301 AL: Tyraxes and Vermithor are large enough to ride.
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