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 direct link • Sep 20 2015, 02:46 pm
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TIMELINE: Major events

280-285 AL

-The Oldtown Pandemic sweeps through Westeos, carried from the Reach to the Crownlands by a recruiter from the Night's Watch. -In the first year the "Mad King" is lost to the plague, along with Princess Elia Targaryen, her children, and countless others. BEGIN AU TIMELINE

283 AL

-As his first major decree as king, Rhaegar Targaryen splits the Seven Kingdoms into their rightful kingdoms in an effort to revitalize Westeros.


298 AL, Second Smith

-Viserys Targaryen is murdered at his own wedding, the first loss of many for the Targaryen family.

299 AL, First Father

-Alyn Storm, a Baratheon bastard, sets fire to a nursery in the Red Keep, killing Daenerys's infant son Tyron and Rhaegar's young daughter Rhaelle. He is caught and burned alive in a funeral pyre, the flames of which hatch three dragon eggs. -House Targaryen declares war on House Baratheon

299 AL, Second Mother

-Battle of Bronzegate takes place. Rhaegar Targaryen is killed in battle by Robert Baratheon. Jon ascends the throne upon his return to King's Landing.

299 AL, First Maiden

-Daena Targaryen sends dragons to attack Bronzegate and experiences her skin changing abilities for the first time.
-In the Iron Islands, Balon Greyjoy is murdered and a Kingsmoot takes place with Asha being named Queen
-Jasper Arryn leads a massacre at the Gates of the Moon, reclaiming his throne from House Dayne. One of Ashara's infant twins is found and kept hostage, though her other children manage to escape.

299 AL, First Smith

-Daena and Elaena flee King's Landing for Essos with Daena's betrothed Quentyn.
-The Sack of King's Landing occurs, resulting in the death of Lyanna Targaryen and one of the Targaryen's dragons. Jon and Daenerys escape with the help of Jaime Lannister.

299 AL, Second Crone

-Skirmishes on the borders of the Reach and the Westerlands occur following Garlan Tyrell's murder. Tywin Lannister is captured and executed by the Tyrell army. Jaime Lannister cedes Silverhill to the Reach. End ACTA pt. 1

300 AL

-In Essos, Daena and Quentyn begin amassing armies first in the Stepstones, then in Slavers Bay, while Jon and Daenerys begin to forge alliances in Braavos.
- Jasper Arryn bars the gates of the Eyrie upon hearing whispers that Ashara Dayne is still alive in the Vale.

301 AL

-Robert Baratheon sends naval fleets to the Stepstones after refugees begin to trickle into the continent. Daena's methods continue to grow darker as she utilizes her skin changing abilities more frequently.

302 AL

-Jasper Arryn is murdered in the Vale, and his ward Jocelyn Dayne is returned to her sister in Dorne.
-Daena the Dark returns to Tyrosh with a slave army and lead an attack on Lys, sending more refugees fleeing to Westeros .

 direct link • Jun 12 2018, 01:56 am
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Relations of Westeros Timeline

Given the AU nature of this forum, we thought it might be helpful to relocate our "Relations of Westeros" claim to the timeline so that folks know when major events occurred for canon characters. This list is limited to CANON births, marriages, and deaths that occurred on the old site or as a direct result of the Dragon Wars in Essos. All subsequent births, deaths, and marriages are listed on the canon list for each kingdom.

Births & Pregnancies

the mothers, old & new
Joanna and Tyron Lannister
first and second born of Daenerys and Jaime Lannister
born, second crone, 298AL
Mariah Martell
first born of Cersei and Oberyn Martell
born, first warrior, 299AL
Silas Baratheon
second born of Lysa and Robert Baratheon
born, second warrior, 299AL
Jocelyn and Allyria Dayne
third and fourth born of Ashara and Ryon Dayne
born, second warrior, 299AL
Visenya Targaryen
first born of Caelia and Jon Targaryen
born, second warrior, 299AL
Lyonel Baratheon
first born or Margaery and Alistair Baratheon
born, second crone, 299AL
Tyrek Lannister
third born of Daenerys and Jaime Lannister
born, first warrior, 300AL
Rhaenyra Martell
only child of Daena Targaryen and Quentyn Martell
born, second smith, 300AL


the dearly departed
Roslin Stark
cause: suicide murdered by Femke Bolton
298AL, first crone
Viserys Targaryen
cause: murder
298AL, first smith
Rhaelle Targaryen
cause: murdered by Alyn Storm
299AL, first father
Tyron Lannister
cause: murdered by Alyn Storm
299AL, first father
Alyn Storm
cause: execution by fire
299AL, first father
Rhaegar Targaryen
cause: slain in battle by Robert Baratheon
299AL, second mother
Balon Greyjoy
cause: assassinated
299AL, second maiden
Allyria Tully
cause: slain at the Massacre of the Moon
299AL, second maiden
Ashara Dayne
cause: self-starvation while imprisoned, and untreated injuries from the Massacre of the Moon
299AL, second maiden
Lyanna Targaryen
cause: slain in the Sack of King's Landing
299AL, second smith
Garlan Tyrell
cause: slain in the Sack of King's Landing
299AL, second smith
Femke Stark (nee: Bolton)
cause: executed for the murder of Roslin Stark
299AL, second crone
Tywin Lannister
cause: captured and executed by Mace Tyrell's army
299AL, second crone


the wedded & bedded
Roslin Frey & Robb Stark
wed 298AL, First Father
Daenerys Targaryen & Jaime Lannister
wed 298AL, First Mother
Caelia Dayne & Jon Targaryen
wed 298AL, First Smith
Margaery Tyrell & Viserys Targaryen
wed 298AL, Second Smith
Margaery Tyrell & Alistair Baratheon
wed 298AL, Second Crone
Femke Bolton & Robb Stark
wed 299AL, First Mother
Sansa Stark & Tyrion Lannister
wed 299AL, First Mother
Gwendolyn Tully & Theon Greyjoy
wed 299AL, Second Mother
Myrcella Martell & Willas Tyrell
wed 299AL, Second Maiden
Janei Lannister & Jaime Lannister
wed 299AL, First Smith
Daena Targaryen and Quentyn Martell
betrothed 298AL, First Smith
wed 300 AL, Second Father
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