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CURRENT MONTH: First Andal Moon of the Smith (Justice)
"PRESENT" MONTHS: Second Maiden, First Smith, Second Smith

Here on ACTA we have created our own Calendar for the Seven Kingdoms. Established by the Andals and based on the Faith of the Seven, the Westerosi Calendar tracks the twelve moons that form the year’s lunar cycle. Each month we will let you know which moon we have moved into, and play will take place within a one month range (so one moon before and after our current moon). Any unfinished threads that are no longer in our range when we change moons will be moved to the “Past Threads” forum for completion. In order to allow our timeline to move forward at a decent pace, play time will look something like this (translated into months here for clarity):

RL September: May, June, July
RL October: July, August, September

*Because we are keeping play time in a three month range, we highly recommend that you make note the moon in which your thread takes place by putting it in your subtitle. This will help keep track of your character's personal timeline (particularly when travel is involved). If a thread is unmarked we will make a judgment call once it's time to change moons and you may have to ask for it to be moved back.

* * Please keep in mind that the calendar is lunar based, and so the months do not reflect upon the actual season nor weather. Seasons last years in Westeros, and the length of those years vary.

First Andal Moon of the Father

The First Andal Moon of the Father is the equivalent of our January, with 31 days.

Second Andal Moon of the Father

The Second Andal Moon of the Father is the equivalent of our February, with 28 days.

First Andal Moon of the Mother

The First Andal Moon of the Mother is the equivalent of our March, with 31 days. Most women - both young and old - choose this month specifically to layout gifts to the Mother at the hearth, in hopes of her favor for fertility.

Second Andal Moon of the Mother

The Second Andal Moon of the Mother is the equivalent of our April, with 30 days.

First Andal Moon of the Warrior

The First Andal Moon of the Warrior is the equivalent of our May, with 31 days.

Second Andal Moon of the Warrior

The Second Andal Moon of the Mother is the equivalent of our June, with 30 days. Most tourneys are held during this month, so that the Warrior may look down upon all combatants.

First Andal Moon of the Maiden

The First Andal Moon of the Maiden is the equivalent of our July, with 31 days.

Second Andal Moon of the Maiden

The Second Andal Moon of the Maiden is the equivalent of our August, with 31 days.

First Andal Moon of the Smith

The First Andal Moon of the Smith is the equivalent of our September, with 30 days.

Second Andal Moon of the Smith

The First Andal Moon of the Smith is the equivalent of our October, with 31 days. Harvest festivals tend to be held primarily in this month to pay homage to the Smith for strength in their arms as well as their sickles.

First Andal Moon of the Crone

The First Andal Moon of the Crone is the equivalent of our November, with 30 days.

Second Andal Moon of the Crone

The Second Andal Moon of the Crone is the equivalent of our December, with 31 days.


209AL: The Great Spring Sickness blooms and spreads across Westeros, originating from Oldtown.

230AL: The Grey Plague pops up in Oldtown and the city closes it's gate. The plague is contained to the city and half the population dies.

279AL: The Tourney of Harrenhal takes place in Second Andal Moon of the Warrior.

280AL: Spring comes, and with it the Oldtown Pandemic. The first person to contract the illness died, but not without spreading it to at least twenty other people - one of which is a soon-to-be brother of the Night's Watch. Yoren, a brother traveling the Seven Kingdoms in search of new recruits, unknowingly takes the infected with him. He spreads the illness to others, and they in turn to the Reach and King's Landing, infecting countless, before Yoren himself dies in the Capital. The first month was horrible, the months after horrific.

281AL: No one could foresee it'd be years before the affects of the plague would be scarce traces. The plague is still prominent and claiming the lives of hundreds by the day. Rhaegar Targaryen is both crowned and wed to Lyanna Stark, following the death of his wife and children.

284AL: As his first major decree as king, Rhaegar Targaryen splits the Seven Kingdoms into their rightful kingdoms in an effort to revitalize Westeros. The plague is still present but no longer a major threat.

285AL: The last infected person dies and the plague is no more.

298AL: The Seven Kingdoms are prosperous, though in some regions - and hearts - the devastation is still felt from both the plague and split of power. There are growing tensions rippling through Westeros, but for now the hushed whispers of rebellion are rumors.

First Father - Second Father 298 AL

Roslin Frey wed to Prince Robb Stark of the North.

First Mother 298 AL

Princess Daenerys Targaeryen wed to Prince Jaime Lannister of the Westerlands.
Betrothal between Caelia Dayne and Jon Targaryen secured.
Betrothal between Daena Targaryen and Joffrey Martell secured.
Tyrells arrive in King's Landing.

Second Mother 298 AL

Roslin Stark and Daenerys Lannister both become pregnant.

First and Second Warrior 298 AL

ACTA Begins

First Maiden - Second Maiden 298 AL

Lannisters and Martells arrive in King's Landing.
Margaery Tyrell betrothed to Viserys Targaryen.

First Smith 298 AL

Caelia Dayne wed to Prince Jon Targaryen.
Daena Targaryen betrothed to Quentyn Martell.
Cersei Martell becomes pregnant.

Second Smith 298 AL

Viserys Targaryen murdered at his wedding to Margaery Tyrell.
Lysa Baratheon becomes pregnant.
Margaery Tyrell betrothed to Alistair Baratheon.
Martells return to Sunspear, Tyrells leave for Storm's End.

First Crone 298 AL

Ashara Dayne becomes pregnant.
Roslin Stark dies of pregnancy complications.
Myrcella Martell betrothed to Willas Tyrell.

Second Crone 298 AL

Sansa Stark betrothed to Tyrion Lannister
Margaery Tyrell wed to Prince Alistair Baratheon.
Daenerys Lannister gives birth to twins Joanna and Tyron Lannister.
Gwendolyn Tully betrothed to Theon Greyjoy

First Father 299 AL

Rhaelle Targaryen and Tyron Lannister are murdered by Alyn Storm.
Three dragons are hatched from the flames of Rhaelle and Tyron's funeral pyre.
House Targaryen declares war on House Baratheon
Caelia Targaryen becomes pregnant with her first child.

Second Father 299 AL

House Tully arrives at Winterfell with Theon Greyjoy
Allyria Tully leaves Edmure to go to the Vale

First Mother 299 AL

Femke Bolton weds Robb Stark
Sansa Stark wed to Tyrion Lannister
Margaery Baratheon becomes pregnant with her first child.

Second Mother 299 AL

Gwendolyn Tully wed to Theon Greyjoy
Battle of Bronzegate takes place
Rhaegar Targaryen killed in battle by Robert Baratheon
Loras Tyrell betrothed to Arianne Martell

First Warrior 299 AL

Jon Targaryen crowned High King
Cersei Martell gives birth to a daughter

Second Warrior 299 AL

Loras, Margaery, and Shireen arrive in Dorne
Lysa Baratheon gives birth to a son
Ashara Dayne gives birth to twin daughters

First Maiden 299 AL

Daena Targaryen sends dragons to attack Bronzegate
Balon Greyjoy murdered
Kingsmoot takes place in the Iron Islands and Asha becomes Queen
Massacre at the Gates of the Moon
Ashara Dayne dies alone
Femke Stark becomes pregnant

Second Maiden 299 AL

Myrcella Martell wed to Willas Tyrell
Myrcella Tyrell becomes pregnant
Daynes depart King's Landing and arrive in Sunspear


Daena, Elanea, and Quentyn flee the city
Wildfire deployed south of KL and the dragon Vermithor is slain
Jon and Danerys escape, Lyanna Targaryen is killed by Lancel Lannister
Garlan Tyrell is Killed by Jaime Lannister
Mace Tyrell vows war on the Lannisters (there are a number of threads for this)
Willas Tyrell is captured by Ironborn raiders
Jaime Lannister marries Janei Lannister

Second Smith 299 AL

Tyrion and Sansa leave for the North from Casterly, Arya leaves from Storm's End
Renly Baratheon marries Desmera Redwyne

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