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 direct link • Sep 20 2015, 02:47 pm
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Site Rules

Rule 0 1
Please register with your character’s name in all capital letters. Example: EDDARD STARK.

Rule 0 2
Avatars are a must. The dimensions for avatars and gifs are 250x400 (AVATAR) and 150x150 (GIF)(GIF also autosizes, so most squares will work).When inserting your avatar link, please be aware to fill in the avatar dimensions, otherwise it will stretch. Let us know if you need help resizing!

Rule 0 3
ACTA has no word count, but please don't abuse this rule! Give your thread partners something semi-substantial!

Rule 0 4
While we have no word count, we are an advanced site. We are open to accepting writers of multiple levels, but we do hold players writing major canons to a certain standard. Please do not let this discourage you! If we feel your writing could use improvement we will simply ask that you make an OC or a canon from a Vassal House before applying for one of the Great House canons.

Rule 0 5
Applications must be complete within TEN DAYS of registering, otherwise your account will be deleted. Additionally, we ask that you do not post anywhere outside of the canon list, face claim, and application until you have been accepted! If you are making additional characters, please don't use your other accounts to post elsewhere for them (ie, making a wanted ad).

Rule 0 6
We are a mature forum. That said, please mark all mature threads appropriately! We don’t want people to stumble across something they would rather not read! Please also keep in mind - due to our rating and the content canonically within GoT/ASoIAF - we have an age requirement of 18 or older.

Rule 0 7
You can make two characters to start, but you must have at least five posts per character before making a third (and an additional five with posts with that character before making a fourth, etc). While we originally allowed an unlimited number of characters, we have recently decided to place a cap of 5 "Great House" canons per member, and 15 total characters. This is simply so that if a member goes on vacation/needs to take leave for RL things they do not leave a plethora of members waiting on plots.

Rule 0 8
We love OCs! Feel free to play them! We only ask that you use discretion if you want to make a relative or love interest of a canon. You should seek approval from the canon player in question before proceeding. We also ask that any OCs made are from canon houses, as there are many with no known members. If you need help finding a house let a staff member know!

Rule 0 8 update amendment: Characters and Houses that were created for Game of Thrones - A Telltale Game Series and do not exist in either book or show canon are not applicable for play here on ACTA. To clarify: source canon shows House Forrester has no mentioned family members, therefore only OCs from House Forrester/Whitehill are applicable, and none of the specific characters [i.e. Asher Forrester] nor game-specific storylines/locations [i.e. the North Grove, Ironwrath, ironwood] can be used or inspired-by in apps here on ACTA.

Rule 0 9
Activity is important! We don't have an activity requirement but recommend posting at least once a week. We understand that sometimes life gets in the way, so in that case please make sure to post an absence thread or PM a staff member and let them know you won't be around. Activity checks will be held once a month to determine which accounts have gone inactive.

Rule 0 9 update: An absence thread that has not been updated cannot save House Canons from two activity checks in a row.

Rule 0 11
While we do not mind the bumping, we do not want people to frequently post in their wanted ads and push all others back. So we are allowing people to bump their wanted ads once a month, real time. If you posted your ad on May 1st, you cannot bump your ad until June 1st. If you posted your ad on May 1st and someone posts in your ad on May 14th, you cannot bump your ad until June 14th. And so on. Each post resets your month counter and will be considered as a bump, to save from wanted ads frequenting the top slots.

Rule 0 11
In character drama should never influence a player’s actions. Please keep all trouble in character, and do not hesitate to report any and all problems to the staff! We’re here to help!


1. Do not ask for plots in the cbox/use the cbox to plot extensively. This is why we have shippers. If someone hasn't posted in yours yet and you want to plot with them, hit up theirs or post your shipper in the tagbox! We're growing constantly and the CBOX is overwhelming enough as is.

2. Do not link your shipper or wanted unless it is asked for. This falls under "pestering for plots" and is not appreciated.

2. Do not post your username for skype/aim/any other messenger. If you'd like to share it with someone do so via PM only.

3. As the new season is upon us, please no Spoilers in the cbox. We have a thread for that. Also, be courteous of the many fandoms are members may be a part of by keeping ALL spoilers our of the cbox (OUAT, various Marvel shows, etc). If you want to chat about other shows GREAT. Make a discussion thread. XD

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tag box rules
♦ Register/post with your OOC alias
♦ Mature, RF and Letter tags can be found in the "Smilies" Link
♦ Just paste your link, no need need for [url=]or []
♦ Any site-related post may be tagged here
♦ Character names for OCs can be colored by using [class=grouplowercase*][/class*] tags! Further assistance with classes and hashtags HERE, and for the generator HERE!

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