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 Nymeria's Star, Burning Bright, Arianne Martell | Aiysha Hart
 direct link • Dec 11 2016, 08:14 pm
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Arianne Martell
Heiress to Dorne
Alright, I have considerably less to say about Arianne, but she is no less important (and perhaps moreso).

Arianne Nymerios Martell is the first-born daughter of Doran Martell, and heir to the Kingdom of Dorne. She has been in and out of play, most active at the start of our site when she attended the wedding of High prince Jon Targaryen to princess Caelia Dayne in her father's stead. There she befriended Margaery Tyrell (and there is occasionally a little flirtation there, but mostly BFFs). the two were like-minded, with less care for love than for power and influence. Not long after the high prince's wedding, Margaery discovered that her own betrothed - Viserys Targaryen - was plotting to overthrow his brother, and that he was planning to do so with the assistance of one Quentyn Martell (Arie's younger bro) exchange for assistance putting Quentyn on Arianne's throne.

Margaery promptly shared this information with Arianne and established a certain level of trust between them in doing so. Luckily for Arianne, Viserys was murdered at his own wedding reception. Unfortunately, her brother Quentyn's betrothal to the Princess Daena Targaryen does not bode well for his level of power and influence should he try to overthrow her upon her father's death. But in times of peace this didn't seem a great worry.

Fast-forward to more recent times...Dorne has remained neutral in the Targaryen/Baratheon conflict, however Arianne is clearly biased. With her snake of a brother betrothed to the Targ Princess and her BFF Margaery now wed to the Baratheon heir, maintaining good relations with house Tyrell is high on her priority list. most recently, she was betrothed to Loras Tyrell, a way to further solidify that alliance should her situation become dire. However, thus far her father still refuses to budge in regards to his neutrality. Arianne is thus VERY MUCH wanted, and Doran, Mellario (her mother) Oberyn, Quentyn, Trystane, and Margaery and Loras are ALL in play to plot with!! (PS I play marg <3)
 direct link • Mar 14 2017, 05:18 pm
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Okay so Lena here to add on to this want ad. Arianne slept with Myrcella's no husband, Willas Tyrell. YUP. It pretty much ruined their relationship as well and happened while the pair were betrothed. Myrcella does NOT like Arianne now because she did this knowing the situation and while betrothed to Willas' younger brother, Loras. Any questions about this please direct to myself or Willas' player, Laurysa. Aside from that though I REALLY WANT an Arianne! Would love to get the angst out and develop something more through this.

Additionally Trystane and Myrcella were once upon a time sweethearts and pretty much in love with each other which obviously changed but Arianne did know this and Trystella were trying to marry one another until Myrcella's betrothal to Willas was announced and at that point Myrcella did separate herself from Trystane in a romantic way until after Willas slept with Arianne.

Additionally I also play Daena Targaryen and from her standpoint she wants to be close with Dorne, especially since Quentyn's run off to Essos with her and they're.... together for lack of a better word, so planning something there can happen as well though it depends on the Arianne vs. Quentyn plot whether that is a good or bad thing <3
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