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 Sunderland, Emmelyne, OC | Meghan Ory
 direct link • Dec 21 2016, 11:58 pm
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Emmelyne Sunderland
Lady of Sisterton
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Their belongings ready for the travel, Emmelyne joined her mother in the carriage for the journey to the Eyrie to celebrate the birth of the twin princesses, glad for any excuse for celebration during this time of war.

Growing up in a household as the only daughter wasn’t nearly as bad as one might expect. I was always loved by my family, my father and my mother, who I think was most grateful to have another lady around and a daughter to teach how to be a proper lady. I was close with my brothers growing up, especially those older than I. We formed tight bonds, bonds that went beyond family and toward friendship and there was always the feeling that we would do anything for each other if it was necessary. While my brothers were groomed to be lords and squires, I was raised to be a proper lady, from the intricate courtesies involved in proper manners to reading to needlepoint, I was taught everything I would need to know to be a proper lady.

While reading easily gripped me and I took well to studying history, I enjoyed nothing more than being outside with my brothers when I was young. I enjoyed watching them practice their fighting skills and I enjoyed sitting in the grass whenever possible. I was not drawn to learning such skills ever, though my brothers would have been amiss not to teach me how to take care of myself, though they did always joke my tongue could easily care for me. I did find a certain love in riding horses, though. The feel of being free as I sat on the horse’s back and he galloped was better than anything. I would ride along the rocky beaches of the Three Sisters and the scent of brine would fill my nostrils and I felt like nothing could ever disturb me. There was something amazing about being on horseback and feeling like the world could do you no harm.

The journey to reach the celebration saw Lady Ayenna recounting the story of her first meeting the love of her life as well as the births of her children, nostalgic as she spoke of what she referred to as the happiest moments of her life.

I was never foolish enough to believe I would be able to find love and pursue it, even if my parents did claim to have one of the best love stories of all time. I was the only lady of the Sunderland brood and so I was a commodity for them, a way for my family to help our name if I was married to the right man. It didn’t stop me from having a childhood love, but I did know nothing could come of my time with the stable boy, the person I saw most frequently besides my family at the castle. While it was difficult to even sneak so much as a kiss with my brothers around, we managed a small romance, though it ended soon after it began as I realized more and more my place in the family. I needed to keep my virtue for my future husband, I needed to keep it in order to help my family when it came my turn.

There were always jokes about how I was the most well-guarded woman in Westeros when it came to men who gave me attention. I had enough brothers to scare even the most honorable man away, and Sisterton does have its share of dishonorable men. My brothers realized that while they could aid me if I needed it, I had the ability to disregard men easily and with a single sentence often. I was aware of my place and although I enjoyed dancing with different gentlemen at celebrations, I knew how to easily and politely, though sometimes with concealed venom, decline invitations I did not want. My brothers may have helped me in regards to keeping myself virtuous, I do believe I did a good job in that respect on my own as well.

Emmelyne danced at the celebration of the princesses, her cheeks rosy from the wine and the festivities, as dark red speckled her face, the male’s throat across from her slit as his body crumpled to the floor.

I was dancing and enjoying the evening when Jasper Arryn staged his coup of Queen Ashara Dayne. The male across from me crumpled before my eyes and I heard a scream come from my throat, though my eyes quickly scanned for my elder brother. I saw his body laying nearby and my feet were moving on their own, moving to bring me next to his body, though it was limp. Lifeless. He wasn’t the first brother I had lost and images of Kerith came back to my mind as I held Herrath’s head in my hands, taking in his wide, blue, lifeless eyes. It took me a moment before it fully sank in that he was dead, his blood and other’s staining my dress.

As the realization came two pressing thoughts came to my mind. I needed to ignore my stinging eyes, to make sure I did not cry at this moment, not in public especially. More importantly, I needed to get to my mother, to find her and my father if he was still alive. It took all the strength I had to slowly push myself to my feet and look for my mother. It was easy to see my father had been cut down as well, I saw the familiar form of my mother with her beautiful, dark hair slumped over a man, sobbing. I went to her side, my hands going to her cheeks and forcing her head to face me, her eyes already ready from the tears. I kissed her forehead and then hugged her body to me. She needed the support more than I did at the moment. Her husband and her son had just been killed. I could mourn later for my father and brother, but for now my mother needed me. I needed to be her rock because my father who had always filled that role was now gone. I held her as she sobbed before Jasper Arryn announced he was taking his rightful spot as King of the Vale. I held in my own tears until we were in private and my mother had fallen asleep from her tears with me holding her. Only then did I allow my own tears to streak my face.

Lady Ayenna bent her knee to King Jasper Arryn and with that motion, House Sunderland was pledged to King Arryn.

I watched as my mother bent the knee to our new King and I knew it was for the best. Of course I worried about my brothers, four were in King’s Landing and I had a feeling they might in some danger, though hopefully they would be able to explain our mother’s precarious situation given the circumstances. For now though Mother and I have to do what’s best for the family, and that is acknowledging Jasper Arryn as our King and the King of the Vale. I knew I had to get word to my brothers and the best way to try and get some word out to them was through Kayl. I had always been closest to Kayl and Kerith, and I knew Kayl would get to our brothers. We needed to remain a family, no matter what, it was the most important thing. I knew Niclas would be getting news from Mother that he was now the heir and lord of Sisterton. He would have to decide on his own to which king we must remain loyal, but Mother and I very much believed Niclas would turn his support to King Jasper.

I wrote to Kayl. I knew he would go to King’s Landing and gather out family and see KING Ryon. I hoped by then Niclas would have had more time to figure out his own plan for us all. For however much I knew about politics and history from my reading, I still did not fully have an answer for our situation. With Mother and myself at the Eyrie with King Jasper and our youngest brother the squire for King Ryon, I knew our family was in a difficult and fragile situation. I knew not which king we should all end up supporting for although I saw Jasper Arryn’s men kill my brother and father, he was appearing to be the more powerful of the two kings at the moment, and our family could not afford to support the losing side. Mother and I would have to support King Jasper while still in the area and I hope with Kayl going to Niclas and our other brothers, they would figure out what was best for our family. Mother and I know well enough who to support given our current situation, but Niclas will need to determine what is best for our family as a whole.

 direct link • Dec 22 2016, 09:01 am
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