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ATTENTION: ACTA is going Private and will henceforth be primarily character driven! This means we will no longer be doing outside recruitment/advertising (though we will not turn folks away if they stumble upon us). We also will have fewer admin-driven site events, and no activity requirements. Want more information? Check out the Announcement HERE!
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 direct link • Oct 19 2015, 12:30 pm
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Open Threads

Hey folks, here is a list of open threads during our current moon range for those who are looking to plot and aren't quite sure where to start! They're organized by Kingdom so that you know which characters you can throw into the mix!

The North

The Iron Islands

The Vale

The Riverlands

The Westerlands

The Crownlands

Tinder for the Pyre, First Smith w/ Robert Baratheon taken by OPEN

The Reach

The Stormlands



[URL=POST]Thread Title[/URL], month w/ <group>first last</group> taken by OPEN<br>
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