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 the ninestars and the snakes, houses lynderly and templeton | 3f 1m
 direct link • Mar 15 2017, 02:38 am
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Houses Templeton & Lynderly
Lady Rowena Templeton
Late 30s
Lady of Ninestars
Open face/Not dark hair
Rowena Templeton was the only daughter and second child of Lady and Lord Templeton. Both her father and brother were abusive to her, and Rowena grew up in relative fear of them both. When the plague came, Rowena’s mother sent her to the Eyrie to stay with the new queen, Ashara Dayne, where the two became friends. Both Rowena’s parents and her brother were killed in the plague, leaving her as the only remaining member and heir of House Templeton.

Ryon Dayne, the king and Ashara’s husband, suggested a match between Rowena and his best friend, Dominick Toland of Dorne. The match would be beneficial for all. The match would help solidify Dayne rule in the Vale. Dominick would easily agree to take Rowena’s surname so that her house would live on. Dominick would become lord consort of a Valish house as opposed to being multiple in line for accession to rule of House Toland.

Their marriage was very lonely for Rowena at first. Dominick has an unique take on the world in the sense that he does not allow things to weigh down his heart, and he has an interesting take on “honor”. He has no qualms with taking a man’s life, so long as he tries to show mercy at first. He has no qualms with sleeping with other people, so long as he is honest and open with his various lovers. Once he was married to Rowena, this sense of loyalty involved asking her permission before starting an affair with anyone; if she said no, he was respectful of that.

I sort of imagine their relationship to be similar to Daenerys/Khal Drogo in the books in the sense that Rowena was a timid girl who felt powerless in her own life, and Dominick helped her find herself/her own power/come into her own. Their marriage was not one of love at first, but over the years, it slowly grew into that, and while Dominick surely found other people attractive, his second thought would be of his wife and whether she would find them attractive as well.

In terms of current events, Dominick left with most of the men from the Vale to fight in the south, along with their heir and eldest child, Luceon. Rowena and their other three children (Ryanna, Layla, and Symond) stayed in the Vale and attended both the nameday celebration of Queen Ashara and the celebration of the birth of Ashara’s twins. At the latter, however, Jasper Arryn orchestrated a massacre. When Symond was threatened, Layla tried to intervene, with the end result of both of their deaths. Whether Rowena saw this or was involved in it in any way is entirely up to you.

Many Valish lords and their troops abandoned the cause in the south in order to return to the Vale to what was left of their families, but Dominick did not, choosing instead to stay by Ryon’s side in the belief that it would ultimately be the best thing for his family. Luceon was lost in the fighting as well, though he is not dead—simply no one knows where he is. When the city of King’s Landing was sacked, Dominick made the painful decision to flee with Ryon and some of the Targaryens, again believing it would be the best path for his family.

Rowena is clever and may assume these facts, thought Dominick would not have had time to write why he fled the city. She also may believe him dead. Her position is a tenuous one. With Jasper the supposed king in the Vale, her house is in a rough position, and she tries to stay as neutral as possible in any sort of civil war going-ons.

Overall, their relationship is one based on respect and love, and in that order. When Dominick first approached Rowena about taking others as lovers, she refused, but over time, she was alright with it so long as he was okay if she took lovers as well; neither of them take lovers the other has not vetted first. All of their children are from their union except Ryanna; she is the product of an affair Rowena had, but Dominick does not care about this and loves her as his own daughter.

I like Yael Grobglas, Hannah New, or Jennifer Morrison as faces, though this is largely up to you, so long as they are fair-haired (as in red, light brown, or blond—not black or dark brown). Dominick and Rowena’s relationship can be as kinky as you like (Dominick is literally the chilliest person around, so I can’t imagine he would say no to anything). Rowena is my most wanted want ad on this site so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee take her.

Luceon Templeton is the oldest child of Rowena and Dominick Templeton of Ninestars. He traveled south with his father in order to fight in the Valish armies against the Baratheons/Tyrells, but he was lost during the fighting. He did not die, however, but was instead badly wounded and lost much of his memory. His story is largely up to you from this point.

I like Diego Boneta as a face but it’s 90% up to you.

Luceon Templeton
16 years old (born 282)
Heir of Templeton
Open Face/dark hair
Ryanna Templeton
15 years old (born 283)
Light of Templeton
Open Face/light hair
Ryanna Templeton is the second child and eldest daughter of Rowena and Dominick Templeton. With Luceon believed dead, she is the presumed heir to Ninestars. Unlike the rest of her siblings, who have dark hair and naturally tanned skin, she strongly resembles her mother and thus some have nicknamed her the “light of ninestars”. The truth of this is that her father is not Dominick Templeton but a man Rowena had an affair with. Dominick is aware of this fact and cares not at all, treating Ryanna like a daughter, but it is up to whoever takes Ryanna/Rowena if Ryanna knows this.

She saw her two youngest siblings, Layla and Symond, murdered at the Gates of the Moon during the celebration of Queen Ashara’s twin girls. Whether this action frightened her into wanting to play nice with Jasper Arryn (the man who claimed the Valish crown and who orchestrated the massacre) or whether she has a deep and strong hatred of him is up to you. Her personality at large is also up to you.

Her face is also up to you. Whether she has red, light brown, or blond hair is of no matter so long as she does not have black/dark brown hair. I like Tamzin Merchant, Anastasia Tsilimpiou, Bella Thorne, Gaia Weiss, or Candice Accola as faces but it’s largely up to you. I just put them here as examples, so. XD

Nymeria Lynderly is the youngest sister of Dominick Templeton. She has at least one older sister, Nymella Toland, the lady of House Toland in Dorne. Nymeria was aptly named, as like her namesake, she was fierce and fearless. Like all members of House Toland, she was trained with a variety of weapons. She was unruly, however, and in an attempt to calm her sister, Lady Nymella sent Nymeria to the Vale to be wed to the heir to Snakewood, Terrance Lynderly.

In the Vale, Nymeria found an entirely different culture and has never truly belonged. Terrance was kind to her, but he was quiet and somewhat timid, leaving Nymeria constantly frustrated. Together they had at least three children, including the youngest, who was born shortly after Ashara Dayne called the Valish banners to war. With his wife so new giving birth, Terrance instead sent his brother south with House Lynderly’s troops so that he could stay with Nymeria.

After the birth, he made his way south and stopped at the Gates of the Moon in order to pay his respects to Queen Ashara on the birth of her twins. It was here he was murdered in a massacre orchestrated by Jasper Arryn. With Terrance and Nymeria’s children too young to rule Snakewood themselves, Nymeria has taken over as Lady of Snakewood. Despite the lack of romantic love between the pair, the murder of her husband has enraged Nymeria, and she will never accept Jasper Arryn as King of the Vale so long as she breathes.

I really like Nina Dobrev as a face for her, but I also like Alexandra Park and love Gal Gadot. Despite the age difference, Dominick and Nymeria are close.

Nymeria Lynderly
Mid/Late 20s
Lady of Snakewood
open face
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All wanted, but extremely extremely extremely wanted is Rowena! Plz
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Definitely would like to claim Nym
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